Why do you run or walk?

Why do you run or walk?I was recently asked, “How can you do marathons?” The question that followed was, “Don’t you ask yourself why am I don’t during the race? It’s just so long.” This really made me think.

First of all, my sport of choice is race walking. It has been the one sport I’ve been the most consistent with, for the longest period of time. I’ve always been very active (swimming, weight lifting, etc.), but have never been a runner (due to some knee issues when I was young). I absolutely fell in love with the sport of race walking, when I discovered that the race walking technique would allow me to walk fast enough to complete in local races as well as marathons (some even have walking division awards).

Why do I complete in marathons? One thing always comes to mind when I’m asked these questions, “my training time is me time”. I really enjoy training. This is a time I can escape from electronics when I choose to, think, pray, enjoy the outdoors and/or listen to a book from audible.com. Even on those days that the temperature or humidity doesn’t create the perfect environment for outdoor exercise, I always feel better at the end of my training walks.

Additionally, I feel a great sense of accomplishment when I finish both my training walks and races. I am quite serious about my training (and recovery), and strongly feel that both are very important to prevent injury. Each year I plan my race goals (quantity of half marathons and/or marathons or working on speed at one of those distances), then choose a training schedule focused on attaining my yearly goals. I feel that I’ve really accomplished something when I finish each week of my training plan; and know I’m able to trust my training to get me through and attain even the most difficult of goals I’ve set for myself.

I know everyone is different and may answer these questions in different ways. We enjoy different sports and different distances. Some of us enjoy training as time alone, while others enjoy the comradery of a training group or a team sport.

What sport do you enjoy and why? Remembering why you enjoy your sport and why will help you through difficult times, those times when it may not be as much fun or give you the encouragement to get back to it after an injury. The most important thing to remember when choosing a sport or fitness routine is to choose one that you will do and can motivate yourself to be consistent with!

In future posts, I will be sharing more about my car accident and some “out of the box” steps that assisted in my recovery. I learned quite a bit about myself and hope that by sharing my story I can help others in a similar situation to never give up!


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